Sherry Lee Patterson


Art has always been a part of my life. The goal for my art is to paint beautiful things or to paint things beautifully. I like to impart peace and tranquility touching the poetic and sublime. My method is traditional and I work in many mediums.

My inclination is to capture what appeals to my eye and get it into my 2 or 3 dimensional worlds where I rule. My biggest pleasure is when what I want is accomplished and then through the magic of art something happens. The work takes off on its own and shows me where to go. A feeling of “…go with the flow” sets in.

My style could be described as impressionistic with a bent toward the surreal. You might say a modern realist. I admire photo-realism, but in my work I want to go beyond the reference. I like to stretch what is found in my photo and leave the mark of the artist behind. I often begin my project with sketches and drawing from a life source, then I take multitudes of digital reference pictures. I often manipulate these on the computer to quickly play around with the formal elements of composition, design, and color.

My subconscious has an agenda of its own. .Often hidden images appear to me and others in my work. I sometimes accentuate some of those features to bring them forward, but often I leave them as incidental jumping off points for viewers to find on their own. Some of the images pop up in several paintings. There are faces, birds, and animals lurking around sometimes relevant to the theme. Many times they just pop up and put in an appearance.

Color is a primary factor in most of what I do. I particularly enjoy replicating textures too. My work is rather linear in nature but I am a painter at heart. Studies for my paintings are done in a full range of media: pencil, pen & ink, pastel, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and clay. I also like to express my ideas in fine art print form using lino-cut and wood cuts, intaglio when I can access a press, and mono-prints,. The prints are usually not pushed as far as the paintings toward the real. My clients tell me that the prints have a very fresh spontaneous quality to them.

Note: all images by Sherry Lee Patterson are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission of the artist.


  • painting
  • illustration
  • acrylic
  • oil
  • pastel portraits
  • landscape
  • fine art prints
  • relief
  • linocut
  • silk screen
  • intaglio
  • monoprints
  • still life
  • flowers
  • drawing pen and ink
  • colored pencil